Principal Associate



(Lima, 1970)


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Foreign Student of the Universities of Buenos Aires and Hillocks of Zamora (1989 – 1991). Graduated in Laws for the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (1992). Master in Law (LL.M) for the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. (1993-94) Courses of Post -Grade in Administration, Strategic Marketing and Financial Law for the Pacific University, Northwestern University, J. Kellog Graduate School and UPC- School Business. Speaker in International Congresses on Civil and Concursal Law in Lima, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Punta del Este, Mexico DF, Barranquilla, Yucatan, Cordova, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro city.


Labor experience

Founder associate member of Carbonell O'Brien Law Firm (2000-) with headquarter office in Lima city and linkage in Buenos Aires, Bogota, Caracas, Miami and Mexico DF. Chief of the Counselor Office of the Commission of Justice of the Congress of the Republic of Peru (1998-99). Legal Counselor and Technical Secretary of the Commission of Restructuring Managerial of the Bar of Lima (1995-98). Junior Lawyer. Procedural Area. Muñiz, Ramirez, Pérez Taimán and Luna Victoria Law Firm (1992-94)



Member of the Consultant Commissions of Insolvencies and Bankruptcies of the International Union of Lawyers-UIA (France), International Bar Association – IBA (England) and of the Bar of Lima (Peru). Founder member of the Iberoamerican Institute of Concursal Law (Mexico DF). Member of the Argentinian Institute of Commercial Law, Member of the Argentinian Academic Foundation of Economic Law, Member of the Nominee of Umpires of the Bar of Lima.


Academic activity

Professor of the Concursal Law course at the level of Pre and Post Grade, in national and international universities. Foreign professor of the University of Business and Social Science (Argentina ), of the Pontifical Catholic University Andres Bello ( Venezuela ), of the National University of Sao Paulo ( Brazil ). Speaker in national and international forums on topics of his specialty.



Spanish, English and Portuguese


Areas of Specialization

Concursal Law, Administrative law, Civil Law (Contracts), Corporate Law (Arbitration).


Articles and Publications

He has published articles of Concursal Law and of the Company in magazines and specializing newspapers of Peru, Brazil, Italy and Spain (1995-). Author of the books “ Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payments ” (1999) and “ Interpretation to the New General Law of the Peruvian Concursal System” (2003) the Director of the Electronic Magazine of Right Concursal “ Route Crisis” (2005-) the Director of the Electronic Magazine of Defense to the Consuming" Consumption and Legal" (2006-), Director of the Electronic Magazine “Peru Global” (2007 -)