Doctorate in Law from the University Carlos III of Madrid

Graduated in Law from Salamanca University

School of Juridical Practice of Salamanca University, Postgraduate in Constitutional Law and Political Sciences for the Center of Constitutional Studies (Madrid).


Master in General Direction of Companies M.B.A. INTERNATIONAL. ESDEN (School of Business)

Professor of Commercial Law of Carlos III of Madrid University; Professor of the European School of Business (EEN – Aulavía)


Person in charge for the section of Concursal Law from the website


Author of diverse publications, between others to standing out:  The Company in crisis Current - Law; Insurance of Concursal Credit and Practice; the agreement of continuation as a way of credit protection in the concursals procedures; Il Diritto Concorsuale in Europe. As well as diverse periodic publications and different authors translated from Spanish to English, French, Italian and Portuguese.