Senior Associate



(Huancavelica, 1965)

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Graduated from the St Martin of Porres University (1985-89) Master in Law (LL.M.) with Mention in Criminal law for the St Martin of Porres University (1995-96) in Human rights in the Administration of Justice and Penal Sciences (2001-05). Top courses in Arbitration and Conciliation (2002). The Fourth Special Course of Development and National Defense – CAEN (2000).


Labor experience

Experience verified on been in charge, throughout almost 15 different years, at different positions of the Judicial System. Penal Judge from The 20th Court of Lima (2003-06) Penal Provisional Judge of the Penal Courts 10, 9, 18, 36, 32, 17 of Lima (1998-03). Main Secretary of the Permanent Room of the Supreme Court of the Republic (1996-98). Main Secretary of the Full Room of the Top Court of Lima (1995-96). Provisional Teller of the Ninth Penal Room of Lima (1994-95). Judicial Technician in the Ninth Penal Room of Lima (1991-94).



Active member of the Bar of Lima.


Academic activity

He has organized the following courses: "The First Day of Penal Procedural law" (2005), Penal "Criminal and Procedural Law" (2003), "Constitutional Procedural law" (2003), "Civil Procedural law" (2003)



Spanish and Quechua.


Areas of Specialization

Criminal law, Penal Procedural law, Constitutional Right.


Articles and publications

He has collaborated with the publication of the books “Penal Jurisprudence” (2004, “Penal Code to his 13 of validity and modifications" (2004) and "The Presumption of Innocence" (2004).