Area of Commercial law oriented to solve managerial crisises of natural and juridical persons who realize managerial activity in the whole national territory.


The Supreme Government by giving a new Legislation Concursal has provided to the procedure concursal of efficient mechanisms and of inspection to confront situations of patrimonial insolvency, privileging the permanence of the productive unit and the protection of the credit.


The plan - agreement is the normal solution of the contest that the Law Not. 27809 encourages with a series of measurements oriented to reach the satisfaction of the creditors, by the agreement contained in the juridical business in which the autonomy of the parts enjoys a big largeness.


In such a sense, the different agents of the market can prevent the rupture of the chain that conforms the productive organization, based on solutions seen in the contest as the plan - agreement or in shortcoming of it, through an coordinated strategy of the market, by an extrajudicial liquidation, which respective procedure is articulated specifically in very clear phases to the interior of the system.